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Our company has been established since 2013. Our company is to bring you all kinds of premium baby products to support your children's health and needs. Our products include Thudguard baby helmet, Freeens diaper, Baby Shining Detergents,..etc.

we now have delivery services to your home of every time you order although you live in Phnom Penh or provinces. If you buy just 15$ up, we'll provide free home delivery service! 

Besides, we have membership cards systems for you to get a huge discount up to 70%! With free online registration! 





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Babisil Bottle

Description: Babisil The UK  


Freeens / S

Under 6kg


Freeens / M



Freeens / L



Freeens / XL



Thudguard Baby helmet/UK

No head bumps (ILA Scotland, Ltd)  


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